Professional Dropshipping Sourcing and
Fulfillment Agent
1688fulfill help dropshippers
with order fulfillment from product sourcing, shipping,
branding to customized package.

You've been sold the dream of big easy money in dropshipping, but you know the truth...

It's not as easy as they say it is. Terrible ship times (or no shipping at all), bad suppliers, and scammy industry practice makes dropshipping stressful and difficult to scale into the multiple millions. We got fed with all this and took it upon ourselves to solve the biggest problems we all face in dropshipping!


The All-In-One Dropshipping Platform That Helps You Source & Ship ANYTHING From China
(No need to hire agents or manage warehouses in China in order to scale!)

Order Processing

We use our ERP to connect your store, automatically synchronize orders, and realize order hosting

Product Purchase

We will find the best quality factory for you at the lowest price

Quality Inspection

All of our products will have strict quality inspection, including appearance, performance, etc., to ensure that all products sent out give customers a 5-star experience

Global Delivery

We cooperate with a stable shipping company, the delivery covers the world, the timeliness is stable and fast

Packaging Customization

We provide complete solutions, custom branded packaging

Inventory Management

We have a huge warehouse. Free inventory service for your products

1v1 customer service

Our customer service team is always available to help you with questions about your order

Free Product Quote

You just need to give me the product link you need. We can quickly let you know the price of the product. We can provide all products made in China

After-sales service

If your order is defective or lost, we will resend it or refund you for free

factory negotiation

​For the best products, we will negotiate with the factory and ask the factory to give us the cheapest price


The All-In-One Dropshipping Platform Functions

  • 1.What is dropshipping agent?

    (Dropshipping agent is the third order fulfillment party that helps develop your ecommerce business with the ability to sourcing the products and negotiate the price with factory, checking quality, stocking products and fulfilling your orders. is your best choice)

  • 2.How to start dropshipping business with us?

    (You can send us sourcing request(RFQ) with the countries you are selling to and order quantity and also most important product info( aliexpress/ebay/amazon/shopify link). We will check and get price for you.)

  • 3.How long does it take to process my order?

    (Within one working day)

  • 4.How to track the logistics information of my orders?

    Most parcels can be tracked by

  • 5.Can you make insert cards, customized packages for me?

    (Sure we can. Thank you note/coupon/intructions can be put with the product together. We worked with variants of packaging company that provide packaging customizing service.)

  • 6.How long does it take to ship from China to major endemic countries?

    (It's usually 6-14 working days)

  • 7.How do you pay us?

    (We can support bank transfer, paypal, payoneer, etc)

  • 8.How to communicate with us?

    (We can support WhatsApp, skype. slack. Real-time chat tool)


Our company was established in 2014. Helped 5000+ dropshipers start their business. We have rich experience in handling your order. Our team can handle 10000+ orders every day. Choosing is your best choice. We have been communicating with you sincerely and patiently

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